SINCE 1991

Pathways Transition Programs, Inc. is a private mental health services provider for children and their families. Based in Decatur, Georgia, our three office locations serve more than 20 north-central Georgia counties.

Our staff consists of a diverse group of over 100 full-time professionals that include licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologists, licensed counselors, licensed social workers and a team of highly trained and supervised behavioral aides.

We offer a comprehensive array of assessment and therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Our services are both therapeutic and psycho-educational, fostering and supporting change and growth through healing the wounds of trauma and life challenges, as well as training and skill development to enhance coping skills and build resilience.


Mother & Daughter

Our clients represent the variety and richness of our community and our referrals come from many sources —

  • Parents seeking assistance and guidance with their children and family challenges
  • Courts and child protective services seeking assistance to interrupt inter-generational cycles of family stress and conflict
  • Adoption and foster care agencies, as well as refugee resettlement agencies
  • Adults seeking to find balance in their lives and build resilience for meeting life’s challenges

We take great pride in being a resource for all families and all professionals working with children. We are committed to understanding, advocating and healing for all the different ways in which we are called upon to confront life as it unfolds.


  • CARF accredited (since 2004)
  • A Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Service Provider (Wraparound services include Homestead, Behavioral Aide, Early Intervention, Prevention of Unnecessary Placement, Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments, and Fitness to Parent Evaluations)
  • A Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Service Provider (Wraparound services include Expedited Services, and The Seven Challenges Program)
  • A DCFS and DJJ approved parenting education resource

Pathways Transition Programs, Inc. was founded by Sunaina Rao Jain, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist with 35+ years experience working with at-risk families and youth.

Dr. Jain’s early work focused on children with attention and learning challenges and how these problems affect their emotional health and the lives of their families. Through subsequent work with children in foster care, she observed how positive learning outcomes are tightly intertwined with stable and enriched environments for growth.

In 1991, Dr. Jain opened Pathways Transition Programs in order to train and develop a group of clinicians dedicated to a whole-life, integrated, approach to helping individuals and families in distress.


Change is difficult, especially when life experiences have narrowed the range of options one believes they have.

We approach our work using a comprehensive, integrated model for understanding and working with clients from all walks of life developed by Dr. Jain — The Kaleidoscope Model. All work with our clients is based on the fundamental premise that our behavior patterns reflect our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in, and change is basically about shifting this perspective enough to risk trying new ways of coping and thriving.

The techniques we use to help clients heal and learn come from a variety of sources, because what each person needs is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, the choice of methods comes from our understanding, in collaboration with the client, of what they need most to regain control over the direction of their lives.

The process of arriving at this shared understanding is what makes the Pathways Transition Programs approach unique.

When parents, caregivers, and educators can see new possibilities available to them, they can further develop the skills needed to regulate their own lives and then teach the children in their lives.