Pathways Transition Programs clinical staff provides a comprehensive array of assessment and therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Our services are both therapeutic and psycho-educational, fostering and supporting change and growth through healing the wounds of trauma and life challenges, as well as training and skill development for enhancing coping and resilience.


Counseling services are offered both in the home and in office-based settings for children and their families, adults, and groups by our licensed counselors. We make every effort to understand and address the context within which each client lives and operates. We believe every person makes the best adjustment to life circumstances within the range of options they believe they have, and that these options are limited by their view of the world and how to meet their needs and feel safe in it. Counseling helps clients expand their worldview and their options for dealing with recurring patterns of distress.


Our medical director, a board certified child psychiatrist, provides consultation and medication management for children, adolescents, and young adults. She leads a team of medical professionals and works in close collaboration with our clinical counseling staff.


This intensive family-based therapy program is especially designed for children and their families who are experiencing prolonged distress and crisis situations. This service is conducted in the home and intended to strengthen and stabilize the family system and home environment while preventing potential out of home placements such as hospitalization. Intensive Family-Based Therapy also helps children who are re-entering the home environment from a higher level of care. We are dedicated to helping the family gain a broader, more empathic understanding of the child’s emotional needs while learning tools for managing their problematic behaviors in a way that enhances self-control and family communication.


The journey from infancy to adulthood is, in large part, about learning to self-regulate, to manage our own equilibrium with greater independence. Our bachelor’s level behavioral aides teach children self-regulation skills that promote resiliency, maturation, and self-awareness as their life unfolds. Behavioral Aides also empower adults and family members to take charge of their future by giving them tools to advocate for themselves and to become proactive in solving problems.


When all aspects of a child’s community work in tandem, validation and healing can begin. Pathways has a strong relationship with many area schools where we ​work in collaboration​ with teachers and parents​. We believe children’s behaviors that ​are challenging in a classroom actually reflect deficits in self-regulation. Shame and punishment-based approaches compound the problem and make change more difficult. Our interventions focus on enhancing self-management skills while addressing the classroom problem.


Group counseling is a unique experience that builds interpersonal skills, communication, and trust while learning to monitor and manage our equilibrium with greater independence and respect for social expectations. In a group setting, we address the many issues of autonomy that children can find challenging – impulse control, social skills, peer relationships, substance abuse, and more.

We also offer time-limited workshops as well as on-going support groups for parents. The focus of both services is on helping parents strike a healthy balance between structure and nurture, the twin pillars of good parenting.


We offer comprehensive psychological evaluations for children and adults that offer both a formal diagnosis and an understanding of the individual’s strengths and needs as they confront life challenges. These include assessment on cognitive abilities, academic achievement, neurological deficits, learning disabilities, personality styles, and emotional experience. Additional evaluations are offered on parenting beliefs, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

Our own comprehensive and unique assessment and treatment planning process is founded in our belief that individuals and families must be understood in the context of their lives. Symptoms and presenting problems are best addressed and relieved when we understand them as an individual’s attempts to meet the demands of their lives.


Pathways Transition Programs is a Department of Children and Family Services Wraparound Service Provider. These services include Homestead, Behavioral Aide, Early Intervention, Prevention of Unnecessary Placement, Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment, and Fitness to Parent Evaluation.

Pathways Transition Programs is also an approved Department of Juvenile Justice Provider for Wraparound Service, Expedited Service, and The Seven Challenges Program.